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Skateboard Ramps

The sport of skateboarding may have been discovered on the sunny beaches of California, but Kan-Go-Roo has designed, manufactured and perfected a series of skateboard ramps and accessories that will endure the harsh Canadian climate.

Round Aluminum Pic Nic Table
Round Aluminum PicNic Table
Aluminum Park Bench


Available dimensions

Half Pipe

Available dimensions Quarter Pipe Available dimensions
Product # L W H Product # L W H Product # L W H
Red-B3 10' 7' 6" 3' Red-HP3 27' 7' -6" 3' Red-QP3 9' - 4" 7' - 6" 3'
Red-B4 12' 7' 6" 4' Red-HP4 28' 7' -6" 4' Red-QP4 9' - 7" 7' - 6" 4'
Red-B5 14' 7' 6" 5' Red-QP5 9' - 10" 7' - 6" 5'
Aluminum Park Bench
Aluminum Garbadge Can
redrailed Skateboard Module


Available dimensions

Bank to bank

Available dimensions

Grind Rail

Available dimensions
Product # L W H Product # L W H Product # L W H
Red-Py1000 18' 12' 2' Red-BB1002 18' 10' 2' Red-Grail 10' 1' 1' <= 2'
Skatebench Camel Hump Skate Grind Box
Skate Bench: Available dimensions Camel Hump Available dimensions Grind Box Available dimensions
Product # L W H Product # L W H Product # L W H
Red-Sbench 8' 3' 1'<=3' Red-Chump 10' - 6" 4' 2' Red_GBox 12' 45" 1'

Why Aluminum?
Aluminum has a unique characteristic that gives it the benefit of excellent corrosion resistance. An oxide film, bonded strongly to the surface of aluminum, forms to protect it from corrosion. If damaged, this film reforms almost immediately to protect the surface from corroding in most environments. With an all aluminum surface, RedRailed ramps are suited to withstand everyday use in almost any climate. We use Aluminum 5052 H32 for our product surfacing and skirting because this alloy is known for its high corrosion resistance along with its strength. For the frame of our products, we use Aluminum
6061-T6 because of its high strength characteristics and very good corrosion resistance.

Safety Smooth Surface:
RedRailed ramps have been designed to allow for a safe smooth riding surface. The riding surface is welded to the frame from underneath. This measure ensures that the surface
is free of bolts from backing out. This feature also reduces the amount of maintenance required since you do not have to adjust bolts or rivets that have come loose.

Super Solid Frames
Our frames are made from aluminum angles and square tubing. This allows for a very durable frame which is lightweight when compared to steel, or concrete. An aluminum frame helps reduce the overall weight of the structure making it easier to move for winter storage or reconfigurations for new riding challenges and flow design.

Hand and Deck Rails
Our railings are manufactured from Allied playground quality steel that contains no heavy metals. Our railings are also powder coated with a TGIC free powder coating good for the environment and does not contain any lead.

Ramp Skirting
Our ramps are fully skirted with aluminum sheets to avoid vandalism and tampering. The porous nature of the aluminum skirting also allows for the dampening of sound and by helping to contain the sound within the structure.

Installation and Maintenance
Our ramps are virtually maintenance free however we have included a simple maintenance manual to help maintain your ramps. Our ramps also come preassembled
when possible making them very easy to install.